All About Jamie

Wow, the “About Me” page.  What does one share here? 
Do I tell you that I’m 46 and still get giddy when I walk into a toy department? 
Do I talk about my wonderful wife, who runs this page, and my two awesome kids?
Maybe I mention that I’ve been drawing professionally for nearly 20 years but just ventured into the comic medium around 11 years ago.
Oh, how about that I’m a diabetic and that I’ve gone through a few surgeries over the course of two years. I’ve even had part of my foot amputated.
I certainly have to talk about my love of pop culture, the 70′ & 80’s and my deep, deep (and unhealthy) passion for Star Wars.
And clearly I can’t leave out my love of drawing. I have to talk about that. 
OK. I think I’ve got it. So here it goes.
Hi! My name is Jamie Sullivan…