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Originally a commission that Jamie took nearly 3 years ago, we're pleased to offer the original art for sale.

The original owner of this piece reached out to Jamie and told him that all he ever wanted was for him to tackle the Holiday Special, recreating the original 70's feel. So after agreeing to create a special series of prints for him, Jamie could offer the original for purchase to another collector.

The first in a series inspired by the classic Nelvana animation and the style of Moebius, this piece is a true example of mixed media.

Created with ink, watercolor, gauche, acrylic, gesso and color pencil, "I Am Boba Fett, Friend" measures 18x24 on 120lb. bristol board.

Own this original, one of a kind piece AND first in a series right now. PRICE: $500

Star Wars "I AM BOBA FETT, FRIEND" Holiday '78 Series Original Art

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